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Your CCPA Compliant Call Tracking and Analytics Solution

Compliance without Compromise

At Invoca, proper handling of your and your customers’ data has always been and will continue to be a top priority. We recognize that you need your technology providers to treat data with the utmost care. This is why we are interpreting CCPA in the broadest sense of the regulation and have taken a comprehensive approach to how we have prepared for it.

What is CCPA?

CCPA, the California Consumer Privacy Act, is a new privacy regulation that goes into effect on January 1, 2020, and will provide additional privacy rights and consumer protections for individuals who may reside in or otherwise be residents of California including:

  • Knowing what personal data is being collected about them
  • Opting-out of having their data sold to a third party or being used by the company they transacted with
  • Having access to the data that has been collected on them
  • Having any data collected be deleted from a business’s systems
  • Not being discriminated against by the company for exercising any of the above rights

Goals in CCPA Compliance

Invoca is required to be in compliance with CCPA as we offer services that may involve personal data belonging to individuals who may reside in or otherwise be residents of California. The collection, processing, and storage of data is an essential part of our business and, therefore, Invoca intends to follow best practices in privacy, security, and protection of data.

Our Role as a Data Processor

Invoca’s services allow clients to collect and analyze data from individuals who may reside in or otherwise be residents of California. Invoca processes personal data in the course of performing these services for our customers solely in accordance with their instruction. Invoca is, in this case, considered a data processor and will fulfill any valid CCPA-related requirements our customers request in regard to collecting, storing and retrieving data on their behalf.

Upon request, Invoca will execute a CCPA agreement containing standard contractual clauses with any of our active customers.

Our use of Third-Party Data Processors

Invoca makes use of third-party services in infrastructure and processes. It is our obligation to ensure that any processing of data by third-party services is also CCPA compliant.

Consent to collection

When acting in our role as a data processor, it is the obligation of the data controller (our customers) to ensure that they have collected consent and made clear that the personal data is being collected for the purposes served by Invoca’s Platform.

Subject Data

Invoca ensures that only data necessary for our business or our customer’s business is being collected, processed and stored.

Right to access / Right to Portability

Invoca’s platform allows access to available customer-owned end-user data. Invoca will not store in the Invoca Platform any additional data other than data collected in accordance with its customers’ specific instructions.

Right to Rectification / Erasure / Opt-out

Invoca’s platform allows access for some data modification. If further modification than those available through the platform is necessary, Invoca will make the desired modifications to the data upon request. Additionally, upon request, Invoca will allow for data erasure and opt-out.

Notification in case of a Data Breach

In case of a data breach, Invoca will notify the owners of the data that have been exposed within 72 hours of the discovery of the data breach.

Transparent Communication

Invoca will provide its customers clear, easy to understand and easy to access information regarding:

  • Customers’ consent and their right to retract consent
  • Customers’ right to object to data processing
  • Customers’ right to access and portability
  • Customers’ right to Rectification, Erasure, and opt-out

Awareness Training

Invoca ensures that our employees receive regular training pertaining to CCPA’s requirements in addition to other privacy and security training.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to your customer service or sales representative.

For all CCPA requests, please call 888-989-4996 or email [email protected].