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Calls are the New Clicks: How B2B Marketers Can Tap Into the Power of the Phone Snippet Title Here

The majority of sales teams prefer to get inbound calls rather than web leads.

Calls drive 10x more purchases than clicks. But 60% of marketers don't know which marketing campaigns drive inbound calls.

It's time to start thinking about your marketing in terms of calls and clicks.

The solution? Adding Call Intelligence to your existing tool set. Call Intelligence gives you the power to optimize calls like clicks to drive more of the high quality leads that matter.

Download the ebook and learn how to:
  • Optimize for inbound calls, reduce costs, boost revenue, and grow your pipeline

  • Accurately measure marketing performance

  • Get credit for the inbound calls your marketing efforts are driving

  • Get buy-in for call intelligence

  • Integrate call intelligence with existing digital tools

In addition you'll get our Best Practices List: 12 Ways to Get More Inbound Calls, and our Quiz: Assess Your Inbound Call Maturity.


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