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Invoca Signal: Gain valuable insights discovered through voice interactions

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Invoca Signal helps marketers analyze and act on every inbound sales conversation. The patent-pending technology listens to what happens on an inbound call and automates the next action by applying scoring techniques with valuable metrics and conversion data relevant to your unique sales and marketing processes.

Marketers using Invoca Signal get a complete picture of their inbound calls so they can:

  • Make better marketing decisions
  • Improve ROI
  • Enhance the customer experience

"Invoca Signal allows me to accurately measure the true value of our inbound phone calls using customizable key metrics that I’m able to determine and control. It empowers marketers like me to understand the value of the calls we’re driving, while giving us the knowledge and signals needed to make critical adjustments and optimizations in near real-time. It revolutionizes the way I identify and optimize ROI-generating phone calls,"

Rebecca Kaplan, Group Director, Acronym