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10 New Ways to Optimize Paid Search Results with Call Intelligence Snippet Title Here

On-demand Webinar 

Improving your paid search results is an ongoing challenge - CPCs are constantly rising, and finding new areas for optimization can be increasingly difficult. A critical, but often overlooked part of an SEM strategy is focusing on call conversions.

Mobile search drives billions of calls to business each year, and calls convert at a higher rate than digital leads. When properly optimized, calls can have a transformational impact on your bottom line. Join this webinar to learn tactical tips and smart strategies to boost your PPC results with call analytics.
  • How to think about voice search as part of your holistic strategy
  • The ROI of incorporating calls into your PPC strategy
  • Tactics to optimize against robocalls and wasted ad spend
  • Ways to leverage AI-powered call conversion data and caller insights to optimize your targeting and bidding strategies, in real time
  • How to split your campaigns by mobile vs desktop to improve conversions and ROI
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