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15 + 5 Super Retargeting Ideas You Haven’t Tried Yet Snippet Title Here

On-demand Webinar 

As a digital marketer today, it’s pretty likely that you’re already doing some basic, perhaps even segmented retargeting. But winning marketers and brands aren’t in the business of basic, they’re in the business of ‘amazing’. That’s why you need to go beyond the usual strategies, and try out some of the newest, most brilliant retargeting campaigns that innovative marketers are using.

Join Invoca and KlientBoost for a special webinar that will reveal 15+5 (that’s right, 20!) actionable new retargeting strategies you can implement today. They’ll include:
  • Smart but simple upsell tactics to convert those high-value repeat buyers
  • The easiest ways to do dynamic retargeting
  • Clever landing page tests that can drive huge improvements in conversions
  • Leveraging offline call data to deliver a more personalized experience for repeat visitors


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