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Hassle-Free Call Tracking For Multi-Location Marketers Snippet Title Here

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For marketers who sell products or services through a network of local agents, dealers, or stores, the difficulty of setting up and managing hundreds or perhaps thousands of call treatments can make it challenging to get meaningful and actionable data from your inbound calls.

This unfortunate reality has forced you to make a trade-off: invest countless hours into manual number and routing management to get actionable data, or save the effort and accept subpar call analytics. Until now.

Join us to learn how Invoca’s new multi-location call tracking and analytics solution makes it possible to easily get the rich call data and routing controls you need, no trade-offs necessary.

Through customer success stories and a live product demo, you’ll learn how to:
  • Get call analytics at scale by displaying unique trackable numbers to each visitor for every destination listed on your website, without cumbersome campaign management
  • Improve connection rates by easily managing sophisticated call routing to multiple locations
  • Understand the true impact of corporate marketing campaigns that are driving calls to local branches, agents, dealers, and providers
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