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How Marketers Bridge the Online-Offline Journey to Make Smarter Optimizations and Drive More Revenue Snippet Title Here

On-demand Webinar 

Marketers in considered purchase industries understand their customer’s path to purchase begins with an online search and ends with an offline conversion. Yet most marketers still struggle to combine digital with call center data, to understand the complete sequence of digital events that lead to conversion. This leaves you with a partial view of marketing ROI and broken customer experiences.

Join us for a live demo as we show you how to connect online and offline engagements. You’ll learn how to identify which campaigns are driving calls that convert into customers, and how to expand your reach to find more high converting customers.

We’ll also share:
  • How a complete view of your customers helps you provide better customer experiences that drive more revenue.
  • How to uncover new business insights by understanding which keywords, ads, campaigns, landing pages and referral partners are effectively driving call traffic.
  • How to leverage conversation insights, such as call outcomes, to optimize the next best action in the customer journey.
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