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How To Increase Facebook Advertising ROI With Call Intelligence Snippet Title Here

On-demand Webinar 

Facebook will capture just under 40% of the US display market this year, making them the second largest recipient of ad revenues after Google. Marketers continue to shift more and more of their advertising budget to Facebook but they are still missing a huge opportunity to maximize ROI. The secret is the call conversion.

Calls are often the most valuable type of customer interaction, but without the tools to drive, track, and optimize for calls, marketers are leaving their best conversions behind. Invoca has integrated with Facebook to solve this problem, bringing marketers call attribution and call insights right to their Facebook advertising dashboard.

In this webinar, expert panelists from Facebook, BoomTown, and Invoca will share how real advertisers are finding untapped value in phone calls and how you can do the same. Attendees will discover:
  • How BoomTown achieved an 82% drop in CPA from calls and 20% increase in quarterly revenue through call intelligence
  • How to leverage caller insights and data to optimize creative
  • Advanced tactics to expand your audience reach on Facebook

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